Lulzbot Cura Glitch


I am having a bit of a weird glitch that happens when I try and load the attached part into Cura. It appears to be fine when I first load it in and it is standing on its thin edge, but when I rotate it around to lay on the largest flat surface it removes the solid base and turns it into a shell. This has never happened with any of the other parts I have printed thus far.

The part was sent to me by a third party, which I opened in Solid Edge ST4 and saved as an .stl. I tried both the native file as well as an edited version to increase the base thickness thinking that it may have been too thin. Both .stl files are attached as well as a couple of images showing what I have attempted to describe.

Thin Base Normal View

Thin Base Layer View

Thick Base Layer View

10583.100.stl (410.7 KB)
10583.100_2.stl (408.5 KB)

Thanks for any help you can give,


Can you send through a few screenshots of the standing up part from the opposite side?

Hi Aidan,

After a few hours I figured out it is just a visual glitch as my laptop is quite old.