3D Printing - Does this file work for what I want?

Hi there,
I’m needing to 3D print something, however this isn’t really my domain and I’m needing some advice. I did send an email and was redirected here. I’ve sourced and downloaded a .STL file of what I need and I’m hoping it translates on your end. I’ve attached the file, please let me know if it’s doable and what my next steps are to go ahead!

I’m intending to have it printed as a coaster (with an empty middle for resin post-print).

stargate_frame.stl (3.8 MB)


Hi @Olivia125053

Core offer a 3D printing service for people such as yourself. The services offered are for objects that use ≤ 200gm of filament, and for objects that use ≤ 1000gm of filament. Check the link below for the ≤ 200gm service. It has a link to the 1000gm service.


Yes I had sent an email inquiring whether my STL file would be suitable enough for the print and was directed to this forum. I’m not sure how much filament it will require or what size it will end up being.


Hey Olivia,

I suggest downloading and installing CURA to examine the STL, or uploading the STL to a site like shapeways to get some details on the part.


Hey Olivia,

Oliver is exactly right. Our CEO has actually linked instructions for how to do this on the site. I’ve put in a quote of these instructions below.

We use LulzBot Cura (free download) and if you add a “TAZ 6” as the machine then you’ll be able to preview the design.

All the best with your print!

Core Electronics | Support


Hi Olivia,

I just ran your file through a few different programs and could not find any reason for it not to work, runs through my slicer software easily.
I ran it through various programs like Cura / Flashprint / MeshMixer / Cinema 4D and Simplify 3D and no issues detected.

I would suggest printing at 0.1 layer height due to the smaller intricate symbols, or you can modify your slicer settings to print the 1st half of your print at 0.2 and then reverts to 0.1 layer height.

PS : Dale from 3D Printing Pro gives fantastic service if looking for someone to print an object, I think his current rate for a PLA print is only $5 per hour print time. I have been dealing with Dale for the last 4 yrs as a supplier of parts / filaments and to answer any 3D Print setting questions.

Oh and he has higher quality printers then what I have so his results are faultless.

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