Upgrading anycubic chiron cables

I have read a lot of posts on different Facebook groups and seen plenty of reviews from chiron owners where they have had melting issues with their bed wires and some have caught fire. The go to appears to be silicone cables that have high flex. What experience have people had and what do you recommend?

Hi Ben,

I haven’t used any Anycubic printers myself nor do we supply them ourselves (well not the FDM printers at least, we’ll be bringing on the Photon variants soon), so I’m not personally aware of those issues with the bed heating, although after reading up on some reviews it appears that they’re trying to improve the wait before a print by heating up the bed faster than most FDM printers. I can see how this is useful for maker spaces where there are constantly makers turning beds on and off, but personally, I don’t believe that the wait is too big a concern given how long potential print times can be. Below I’ve linked a review from All3dp they seem to cover all of the considerations for this printer quite well:

As a personal preference, I quite like the Prusa MK3 variants (not supplied here at Core) or the Ender 3 Pro (I own a modified version of this printer myself, and with some simple improvements, the quality of prints for the value is quite impressive and you can get started with it within a few hours even as a complete beginner)

Hi Ben,

I’m in the same boat as Bryce with no experience on the Anycubic Chiron’s but have done some modding to the Ender 3 Pro.

First port of call when making mods to wires that can carry large amounts of current. ALWAYS make sure that if can carry it without heating up significantly.
If you know the current that will be passing through then you can calculate the required gauge using this handly link from Engineering Toolbox. Take a look at this wire that comes in 12AWG, 14AWG, 16AWG, and 18AWG. Just note that the solder connections to the joints must be very robust to be able to handle the current needed to supply the build plate (on the Ender it can be up to 10A)

It also looks like some of the printers have issues with the connectors, replacing them might be quite difficult but definitely achievealbe! I would recommend XT60’s as they can handle up to 20A.