Ups hat for raspberry pi 4 with gipo screen

i namely just wanted to know if running either a 2.8 or 3.5 inch screen that connects to the pi via gpio can i solder power leads from the 5v and ground on my ups hat to my pi without blowing anyting to power my pi if not does anyone have any work arounds ?

as far as ups hat is concerned im using this one

and the screen im using is a generic one from ebay

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Hi @Mark141278 - welcome to the forums

To give the best quality answer it will be really helpful if you can provide a schematic of how you plan to wire everything up - even if it’s just screenshots of the various hardware and lines drawn in eg. paint

I don’t see any issues so far, but i may be imagining a different configuration to what you are and - as always - the devil is in the details.

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theres a very poor diagram of what im thinking

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Hi Mark!

Unfortunately there arent any schematics listed for the DFrobot UPS HAT and nothing on Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

The major issue that can happen is pins are being used by the screen that the UPS HAT needs or the power output isnt enough to run the Pi and screen (power ought to be stable enough).