UPS/Argon Hat


First time poster hoping to get some insight.

I’m currently running a Raspberry pi 4 with an Argon hat to run my 3d printer. It’s attached to my klipper screen by a custom mount attached to my 3d printer.
I want to install a UPS. I’ve looked into battery banks however unable to find one that charges and discharges at the same time.
I’ve been looking into the UPS hats. Can I have 2 hats stacked on the RP4 and if so, how does it work? My concern is, what if both hats use the same GPIO pins stacked on top of each other?
I would also need atleast 10mm space for airflow between the two.

Any help is appreciated


Hey Taz,

Thanks for posting on the forum :partying_face:

Can I have 2 hats stacked on the RP4 and if so, how does it work?

That is an excellent question, we can check which of the pins are used to determine whether there will be any conflicts, both of those devices will have fairly low current draw so there shouldn’t be any issues with excessive loading on the Pi by running both at the same time, as you’ve said you just need to check that there won’t be any issues both using the GPIO at the same time

Some spacers (I suggest using nylon) would be a good idea for airflow as you’ve said, there are some stackable header pins that should make that much easier to incorporate such as these ones:

Which UPS HAT are you planning to use? We’ll take a look at the pinout and see whether you’ll run into any issues with the set up. If you’re not sure which, can you list a couple that you’re thinking of using so that we can check whether they will be suitable or not?

think its been done before