USB Interface for Joystick and Buttons (CE07542)

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A handy USB interface board for connection to a S 1147 joystick and up to 12 arcade buttons. It connects into any device that supports a USB joystick. Includes pre-terminated interface leads with 6.3mm spade plugs. This board appears as a simple driverless USB interface, recognised by most operating systems as a HID. For full wiring information, there are a number of online guides available depending on the arcade project you are building.

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Is it possible to just get the button wires for the USB Interface for Joystick and Buttons? I already have the board and usb connector, just need button wires.

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Hi Shane,

Yes you can, they’re just cables with a JST XH connector on one end, and 3/16" (0.187", 4.8mm) spade terminals on the other, so they’re pretty easy to make up yourself using:


Or you can get them online here:


Cheers for the help Oliver.