Raspberry Pi Keyboard - Red/White (CE06240)

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Official Raspberry Pi keyboard for use with your Raspberry Pi setup

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I bought a Raspberry Pi keyboard (CE06240), and I’ve only just realised today when I got it out to use it that it is not a QWERTY keyboard. I’ve never seen this layout before - AZERTYUIOP on the top line, QSDFGHJKLM on the middle, and WXCVBN on the bottom line. The photo of the CE06240 on your site clearly shows a QWERTY keyboard. Do you have any idea about what might be going on please?

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Steve Cooke.

Sounds like the key caps on the left most buttons have been mixed up in production, but everything else is normal?

I’m sure they’ll get you sorted but if it were me, I’d just swap the key caps back over. All keyboards are electrically the same, it’s just a lot more practical when your physical keyboard layout matches the layout set in your OS

Hi Steve,

AZERTY is probably the second most popular hindu-arabic character set behind QWERTY, and is used in some regions, so there’s a chance it got mixed up at the factory.

If you’re not happy with rearranging the keys yourself (can cause operation to be a little off afterwards) reach out via the email on our contact page and we’ll take it from there.


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Thank you. I’ve sent an email. Some other dude answered by saying “it is a QWERTY keyboard - someone at home must have changed the keys around as a trick”. I live alone.

Errr, without sounding a bit obvious… does the caracter on the keyboard match the caracter on screen when pressed… ?
If so I think you’ve found your asnswer.

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Nah, electrically all keyboards are the same. They just transmit which key location was pressed, but it’s the OS that decides which letter/character to print.

You can change the software layout in your OS under the language and region settings usually.

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It seems you have the Pi-5 power supply in stock, is it possible for me to get that instead of the Pi-4 power supply or just the Pi-5 alone?

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Welcome to the forum Ollie,

While it is on the Core store I dont think its in stock (that means its in their warehouse).
I’ve been hanging out for these supplies for LED projects but they are still waiting on certifiation from memory

Hi Ollie,

Liam is correct of that one. Unfortunately we are still waiting on the pi foundation to get the Australian certification on the pi 5 power supply.
You should be able to sign up for notifications on the product page though. That way when it is available for purchase, you will get an email to let you know.