USB Power Bank Fast Charge 30000mAh (CE07376)

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30000mAh Dual USB battery pack to keep your electronics fully charged

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Anyone know how to trick the Power bank to stay on? I am currently using one to power a RPI Pico, but the power draw is clearly too low as it will shut down after about 5 minutes. Conceptually, it might be possible. My Dell Laptop Powerbank (65W output and 65Wh capacity) which has both USB-C and A will keep running the Pico, so that one is obviously more sensitive. What is interesting is when I first plug into the ROMOSS unit (in either USB-A) it will power on, so it is able to detect a connection. Anyone else come across this?

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Hi Garry
I think they mostly all do this.
As it it’s primary use is to charge phones and other devices NOT a power supply they use this low current to detect end of charge and subsequently shut down. This is pretty normal and if you are trying to use this as a power supply it is not designed for that task.

A fix would be to connect a resistor across the power connections to increase the current requirement but this is pretty wasteful.

The answer would be to use this for what it is designed for.
Cheers Bob


Searched solutions to the power bank turning off.
Apparently the best way is to connect a circuit which draws over 100mA every few seconds. It may need to be higher, some power banks switch off under 200mA.

One of the posts showed the following NE555 time circuit.
Disadvantage is the circuit draws 10mA when idle.

Maybe a better solution would be to use a Makerverse Nano Timer to wake some other circuit to provide the pulse. The timer draws 45nA when off.


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Hi Gary,

Jim’s suggestion of using the Nano power timer is definitely the way to go for battery power microcontroller projects (That HAT might be a better form-factor for the Pico: Makerverse Nano Power Timer HAT for Raspberry Pi Pico | Core Electronics Australia)

Bob is spot on about the resistor as well, while it is a waste it keeps it on! We’ve used a resistor as long as 220ohm to keep the battery bank on.


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This interested me; the following circuit has been tested and works, keeping the power bank on.
Power bank timed out after 28 seconds, less than 50mA load it timed out.
Nano Timer set to 20 seconds and provide a 100mA load for about 0.5 second.

Lower ON times for the timer resulted in the power bank timing out.

The load on the power bank was a LED and resistor, about 1mA.
There is a 10k to ground on the Nano Timer board which discharges the capacitor.

Will file this away for future reference.


PS Different power banks may require different ON times and load resistor. (470uF and 47ohm)

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