Using a USB Hub with a raspberrypi zero with pi as ethernet gadget

Hi there,

I am wondering if it as all possible to use something like the Zero4U or any other type of USB Hub with a pi zero and also configure are use the pi as a USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget. I’m wanting to use the Ethernet Gadget feature of the pi to communicate with other pi’s in a local ‘network’ but also use a usb capture card with the pi. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards,


Hi Matt,

This sounds super interesting! What’s the final configuration/topology going to look like? Are you trying to effectively run TCP through USB?

Keen to hear a bit more about the application for this one!


Was configuring a Tinkerboard as a small homemade cctv solution. Installed Zoneminder and was trying to use easycap clones to convert RCA to use as the cctv feeds.

Turns out there is only one USB bus on the tinkerboard and is only USB2.0, so the bandwidth suffers greatly (can only view one stream at a time). A neat thing you can do with zoneminder is share the cctv feed through zoneminder’s IP and configure another zoneminder install to do the actual monitoring and recording. I have an RPi Zero laying around and was hoping I could use that as a single feed monitor and then the tinkerboard as the main zoneminder install.

Obviously the Zero doesn’t have WiFi or ethernet, I do have an ethernet module, but if I want to have 4+ camera’s that’s a few boards and a lot of work to manage aha I have tried using a USB Hub and USB A-A cable with my desktop, but it unfortunately does not show up as an Ethernet Gadget.