Using Two Smart Home Switch's For One Light

I apologize if this question is not meant for this forum I thought ide try though, I have a single light with two switches in different locations and im looking to upgrade to smart switches mainly the “Delta Grid connect touch series” so I can use voice commands to operate the lights but can two of these switches be used for one light, my limited understanding of these switches is - say “hay google turn light on” so it does but with two switches on the same light would both turn on and cause a problem because both electrical lines are active?

My understanding of a dual switch light is that the wiring goes through both switches. This is how it is in my house where there are a couple of dual switch lights. When both switches are in the same position (up or down) the light is off; when one switch is up and the other down the light is on. If both switches are operated at the same time the light does nothing. I have tried this with two people flicking the switch at the same time.

Replacing both switches with smart switches, I imagine you would need to set it up so only one operated when you say “hey google”. But both can be operated by touch for when you don’t want to say “hey google”. Maybe the system is smart enough now, unsure as I don’t have any smart switches.

All the best, cheers

Thank you Jim I think you are talking about a wired circuit using the “Loop” connection on the switches please don’t wire two switches in a standard way or you can cause electric shock or worse, does anyone know how these switches would work without a “loop” because I opened one of the packs of a single gang switch and the instructions say to wire one wire of the light to Neutral and the other to “A1” and the mains go to neutral and Active, there is only these three N, A, A1 and no earth I’m guessing these switches are only for lights they even use a light bulb in the instructions. So since there is no Loop could these switches somehow detect if it is connected to another smart switch on the same circuit to operate as if it had a Loop with the above wiring instructions.