Vibration motor with strongest vibrations

Hello, I am looking for advice on which vibration motor has the strongest vibrations from the Core online shop and in general.

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Hi Elmar,

In industrial applications vibration motors (also knows as eccentric mass motors or exciters) are used to drive vibration feeders and sorters/screens - these things could literally shake your entire house apart.

You might want to be more specific :wink:

As for the most powerful off the shelf vibration motor we have, it’s
probably one of these:

Though you can turn just abut any motor into a vibration motor by mounting an eccentric mass on the shaft (common approach for making brush bots), for example:

Though another big question is how long you need it to last - if this is a long term application you’ll want a specially designed vibration motor as these are designed with larger bearings to handle the large forces generated.

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Thank you Oliver, that BristleBot looks amazing :wink:

I need a vibration motor for Haptic Feedback. about 8x as strong as a smartphone vibration motor.
A bit stronger then the feedback you get from a strong gaming controller.


I’ve just grabbed one of those little Pololu motors from stock and spun it up. It’s not going to be powerful enough for what you’re after.

You might be better off with a hobby motor like this, and gluing something to the end of it:

Be sure to offset it as close to a stick or semicircle off the side of the shaft as possible if you do this to get the largest moment of inertia. They use something similar to the rumble motors inside of Playstation and XBox controllers, if you know anyone with some broken controllers you should be able to cannibalize them for a quick and easy substitute.


Those gaming motors look great.
I might try both the Hobby Motor and the cannibalising a gaming controller.

Thanks guys.



I also came across this link, if anyone is interested in Haptic Feedback devices


Hey Elmar,

It’s quite interesting isn’t it. Absolutely essential if you’re trying to tune an engine or other pressure-sensitive device precisely, thanks for sharing!