Victor VC97 DMM Fuse Replacement Question

Hi Guys, I have a Victor VC97 DMM which I blew the fuse in. I have since lost the fuse. Can someone please advise what exactly I need to purchase? Googling the manual doesn’t provide enough info.

Current, Voltage, Dimensions and part no if possible would be greatly appreciates.

Thank you.


Hey Mitch,
Just taking a look at the Victor VC97 here, it appears that there are 2 fuses available for replacement. Are both of yours in need of replacement?

Hi Aidan,
After looking at the DMM, it is just the 10A 250V fuse. Any more specifics would be greatly appreciated.

No worries Mitch, check out this pack of fuses we sell that includes not only your 10A fuse replacements but also a range of others that should suit your multimeter. Unfortunately, we don’t stock just an individual 10A fuse, however this pack is fairly affordable. Good luck with your repairs, let us know how it all goes!