Video Looper kit

Good morning.

I was putting together a kit to loop a Powerpoint file on a television, when I came across this Video/Looper kit at Core. Can anybody tell me the software used for the looping on this Core kit? In other words, is it worth me pursuing my own project?
What experience have you had with this kit? Does it do Powerpoint files? Is it easy (for users) to manage?
Any feedback?


Hi Greg,

We have a lot of experience with this kit! Here is a tutorial on how to set it up:

It is not capable of playing PowerPoint files. You could either save the slideshow as a video to play on this setup, or use a standard Raspbian installation and just open your PowerPoint files in LibreOffice and set it to a loop. It would take some doing to get it to start automatically though this way.

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for getting back to me.
I have the Powerpoint starting up automatically in LibreOffice and some FTP scripts that download the file automatically etc - so it appears I have this side of it sorted already then.

Three questions:

  1. As this device will be mounted behind a large TV on a wall, the heat generated by the TV and Pi dictates that I should consider heat dissipation. Are the cases with fans quiet enough versus the aluminium cases to passive cooling? What cases does Core recommend and sell best?

  2. I would like to power the Pi with a PoE hat, and possibly have a battery (eg PiJuice) built in as well. Whilst it seems terribly “paranoid” (there’s a better word out there I’m sure) of me to want both, does a PoE hat keep a battery charged as well or only power the Pi directly? If I had a case with a fan, is PoE enough to drive it?
    I say it may be overkill as all my PoE switches are on UPS already to need a battery, so this is as much a theoretical question as anything.

  3. Am I able to detect the level of the battery so that the Pi can shutdown cleanly when battery level is low?

Any assistance you can give is appreciated, and I will order the recommended parts from you.


Hi Greg,

I think the first thing you should look into is if the PoE hat and PiJuice can be used simultaneously. I don’t know how you would use both. You could probably use an external Lipo battery battery charger like this:

with the PoE hat, I’m not sure if you can power off the power point and the PoE hat at the same time.

Thanks Stephen.