Small lcd screen picture loop solution

Hi Guys,

I am chasing a solution to run a loop of pictures or small video clips on a small screen such as the Waveshare 2.8inch LCD 320×240.

I am using the device as a decorative mod to add to pinball machines, and I would like to produce a number of them if possible. The case side of things I will create myself.

Do you guys have any advice on what may work electronically?

I note that the Waveshare 2.8inch LCD 320×240 links to a raspberry pi, but I want the setup to just start looping pictures once power is applied to the unit (not having to negotiate through an operating system etc).

Any advice would be much appreciated

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if it`s computerized then it must have some type of operating software…to start off with…

if you want small design with your project and minimal operating system then you may want to look at Arduino or devices like the the pi nano etc…

but all will have software of one form of another… some links to look at .

you could prolly make a loop[er out of a pi zero w …i would have thought just add an sd-card reader to it for image storage …then you could swap the cards out if you need to work with your images /clips manually via an editor…throw round ideas …

other people will have more of an idea than me

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Hey Scott,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for following up with us!

Firstly, if you haven’t already check out this tutorial Tim put up (the first link from Brian above). It’s a video looper that starts on boot and just reads directly from a USB drive in the Pi.

If you just had a script or other program that you wanted to run on startup, you can do that pretty easily by editing the rc.local file on the Pi.

This tutorial steps through how to do it pretty thoroughly, so you should be able to find everything you need here.

Hope this helps!

thanks guys, yes I think the challenge in this case is the small format.

ideally I would be using the 2.8inch waveshare screen, and somehow avoid HDMI plugs etc that take up real estate around the screen.


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Hey Scott,

Just to clarify, were you then looking for a way to do this without using an external drive like a USB? We may have some solutions. Let us know what you’re after and we’ll try and help out!