PI video looper with Pimoroni hyperpixel pi-hat

I’ve set up Adafruit’s video looper on my new pi 3 A+ connected to a 4" pimoroni Hyperpixel pi-hat.
The problem is if I have the usb with the movie file on it, and I power up the pi it boots to the main screen instead of to the video looper.
It works fine if I don’t insert the usb stick after.

I’m working to set up a solar powered system to run it and like to have it set up so that it turns on and off with a timer(so it is not running 24/7) but i don’t want to always have to manually insert the usb stick everytime it powers down.

This doesn’t seem to happen with other configurations of the video looper to screen via hdmi(and older pi’s)

Thoughts anyone?