Viewing a CCTV recorder feed through network


Trying to view a Hikvision recorder live view through LAN. Have tried fullpageOS and i can access the recorder but plugins are needed to view the feed which im not sure how to do. Also tried installing Emteria OS but it reboots every 8 hours which i cant have. Ideally i would like to use an android operating system so i can just download the IVMS app and set it to boot on start up incase of power outages ect.

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Hey Sam,
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If you need an Android OS then LineageOS is the best option for it. As for it starting on boot, I am sure there is the availability to get that done, it would just take a bit of research as to how that would function.

Try and get the process started with LineageOS and I will get back to you with a bit of info on how Start-up on boot applications run on that particular OS, though, someone with a bit more experience with that operating system may jump in before I do!


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