Voice module


Ideally what I am looking for is an ethernet based voice/Audio all in one module that can hold selectable wav files (up to 10) to broadcast to an external horn speaker (max 25W) on receiving an input/trigger (up to 5 different input sources)

The unit should be powered by 12vDC

There should be an option to select a one off message or repeat message

Remote volume control is important

Ability To download custom message is desirable

Ability to connect the system via SDK to a third party system

Ability to relay a message from third party software

If it has a microphone input for 2 way audio ā€¦ fantastic

Can you assist here?

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Hi Karl,

Im not sure if you will be able to find an all-in-one module that will be able to pump out audio at that level.

You might have to have a dedicated ethernet network communicating to one of these WAV trigger boards via UART, it might be a bit tricky getting this setup with multiple controller boards.

Getting a solution made up for this would likely best be done by an electronic engineer or someone that well into audio electronics. Iā€™m not too sure of any companies that would be able to help with this one sorry, another member of the forum may be able to jump in and help out!


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