Want to crush rebel scum? Build a RC AT-AT

Remember those big, goofy, 4-legged transport vehicles raining laser fire down onto the rebels at the start of Episode V? The AT-AT is an All Terrain Armored Transport that transports your Stormtroopers across snowy terrains. Or it's a 1980s Star Wars toy  that you can hack to walk around your house. Well that's what Dave Stein did when he set out to deck his rundown star wars toy into a walking, remote controlled AT-AT. 

Check out the footage of it below. He used a combination of an Arduino Uno alongside an Adafruit Servo Shield and a Wireless controller. You can view a full project log, including instructions and parts list required over at Dave's AT-AT website. We've got everything in stock too, except for the AT-AT model, you'll have to grab one of those elsewhere (or 3D print your own).


There’s more plans to deck out this project further too, with Cameras, cannons and vertical head movement all making the to-do list. 

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