Warped ABS prints and curling of sides on TAZ 6

Hi all, new to this forum. Traded my Da Vinci Duo for a TAZ 6. What an awesome printer! I’m using Simplify3D to slice and print (it has a built in profile for the TAZ 6). Default temps for the extruder and bed are 240C and 110C. From what I’ve read these are the ideal temps for printing with ABS and the print certainly sticks well to the PEI bed. The problem I’m having is the bottom of the print is warped and curls upwards. Initially I thought the bed was too hot so I lowered it to 100 then 90 with pretty much the same results. In Simplify3D I can manually turn the side fans of the extruder on or off (the ones with ducts facing the hotend) with no improvement. My Da Vinci sets the bed to 90C and the same object prints fine on blue painters tape. So I’m a bit mystified as to why this is happening on the TAZ 6. Simply3D has a pretty good visual guide to common print problems and the ones that closest resemble mine is https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/#curling-or-rough-corners and https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/#warping. It seems to happen mostly on the extremities of the object so I’m going to build an enclosure for the printer to better regulate the temp. Having said that, the printer is in my garage with a pretty constant temp of 23C. There’s so breeze or draft and I have a digital thermometer in there that measures the ambient temp. No big drops in temp during the print. Although I suppose the difference between 23 and 110 of the bed is enough to cause uneven cooling?

Hi Alex,

ABS is well known for a little warping - especially with sharp corners. It’s a material problem and people often lean to PLA to avoid this.

Perhaps turn on “brim” and increase it from 10mm to 15mm. This will create anchors around the object which will resist the warp. Also, try to print one object at a time so that the warping can be kept minimal. Lastly, don’t leave the print on the heat bed for a long period of time post completion. The Lulzbot TAZ 6 will keep the bed @50ºC and will aid the temperature difference between the top of the print and the bottom of the print (encouraging warping).

Important note - always wait for the bed temp to hit 50ºC before attempting removal to avoid damage to the PEI.

The Taz 6 with the huge heated bed will encourage a draft effect - depending on the ambient temp you could definitely find yourself in the warp zone - unfortunately even though you have positioned it in the garage the environment will just follow the thermal conditions within it (hot air rises).

If the print you are working with is big enough that other tips do not stop the warping, then the enclosure will certainly help.

The best bang for buck we’ve found is this stuff from Bunnings. Between that and some 35*70 pine (frame) and 18mm ply (base), you’ll be able to get an enclosure together with ample room!

I also printed brackets to save a few dollars (80% fill with this design and resized to suit the timber frame)