Problem with Taz 5 Print Head after disassembly

Hi all. Have had my Taz 5 for a while, I do a lot of printing in ABS and so far very successfully. I have had once before the idler carriage break, I was able to glue it back together and then used it to print a replacement.

On the week end it broke again. I also noticed the main cradle for the print head had also cracked.

So I disassembled the whole head, fitted my old spare idler, was able to glue the main carriage back together, and I also swapped the large herringbone gear as it was worn, and I had a replacement.

It all seemed to go back together well.

But for some reason it wont print properly. The two fans don’t seem to come on, but the head does seem to heat up. I get no error messages in Cura.

If I raise the head above the bed it seems to extrude out (ABS) ok for a wile, then it jams and doesn’t extrude anymore.

I have tried loosening the two screw clamping the extrusion nozzle and making sure the filament is aligned and goes in smoothly.

Anyone have any suggestions, I am inclined to send it back to Core for them to try it on their machines, but happy to try some things first?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Gary,

We might test out the Fan issue first, as that is likely the reason you are seeing the ABS ‘jam’ after a short period.

Can you connect your Taz 5 to a PC running the latest version of Cura?

Hi Aiden, I can but I am at work at the moment, and out tonight, so tomorrow night I could. What do i look for?

Hey Gary, I am going to get you to try a few manual G-Code entries to turn on extruder fans.

No worries, let me know what to do and i will have a go on the week end?

Hey Gary, sorry I missed your comment last week. Go ahead and enter M106 S127 into your printer control interface in Cura and see if you get any response from your extruder cooling fan.

Hi mate, well look I have had a bit of a play and wont lie I am not sure how to just enter a G code like that through Cura. I googled it with no luck. Its getting to be a bit of a pain it being unusable for so long. What I would like is to box the head up in bubble wrap etc and post it back to you. Then can you please just stick it on one of your printers and give it a quick test. If there is an issue, just let me know what it is, and the price of whats needed, then you can go ahead and send it back. of course happy for you to post up on this thread what it needed etc to help anyone else in future?

Hey Gary,
That shouldn’t be a problem. Send your tool head back to us at:
Core Electronics
PO Box 37
NSW, 2289
And I’ll give it a closer look.

Thanks very much, will do. Appreciate the service!!