ABS Print Fail (CLOSED)

Can you please remove this topic.

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Try some of these.

Hi Chad,

That is a massive print, I can just imagine the frustration of an overnight-worth of time and material hitting that outcome.

From my experience, ABS is not a beginner material and requires environmental/thermal variables to be removed for reliable printing for large prints. An enclosure helps significantly, though not on it’s own in winter (and for most large prints).

The geometry being printed appears to be the ideal-enemy for large ABS structures. The long narrow design will succumb to the smallest of temperature changes, pulling in on itself and creating the “warp”. From there, deformations along the z-axis will appear while the filament is smeared into a rising object. These two effects cascade on-and-on until either the print lifts or, the tool head pushes the print off the plate during a collision.

Circles and squares are less prone to this issue.

I have found that an ambient temperature of 24+ degrees will help, a lot. Having an oil heater in the same room may entirely lockdown the thermal variable if you can set it to the theoretical max-temp the room gets to throughout the day. That way it’s off for the majority of the day, and on at night/when cool.

My own personal setup for large ABS prints actually involves a heater which is designed for reptile tanks. I dial it to 40ºC and the outcomes are impressivly repeatable.

The Printed Solid enlcosures keep the main electrical equipment protected from the sweltering conditions inside, and the filament feed at the top prevents it from getting too-hot.

Hi Chad,

You could try Ultimaker Tough PLA, it has very similar strength properties of ABS though with PLA-like manufacturing qualities.

There will still be some warp if there are environment tempurature changes that the enclsoure/heatbed can’t deal with.

I’m using something like this in my personal setup (mounted at the back of the enclosure, away from the acrylic/obsticals. I’ve also put some aluminium foil around that area to avoid any accidents. Call me a more-than-average enthusiast!

The local pet shop also hooked me up with a controller that maintains tempurature/power.

Even my Ultimaker S5 struggles in this weather with ABS, the cold air drafts are so strong.