water pump useage

I have a 6 volt garden sprayer that the pump has stopped operating.

I am finding it very hard to obtain a replacement before October.

Could someone please advise whether pump model SKU:FIT0563 would be suitable to use as follows?

I can install the pump below the canister and connect to the inlet pipe.

This means the pump will not be immersed in water but will operate on a head of water in the spray unit.

Will this pump work as described above.

Hi Ray,

Do you have any photos of your sprayer, or how you’re intending to hook this up?

This pump may be a bit underpowered for a sprayer at only 6V, as at that voltage it can only provide 60cm head of pressure. It also needs to submersed so that it doesn’t overheat.

We don’t have a lot in the way of 6V pumps, but do have quite a few 12v pumps, and quite a few 6v DC motors.

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Hi Oliver
Thanks for the reply.
If the pump needs to be submersed then it isn’t suitable for the application I want to use.