Waveshare 5inch LCD 800x480

Hi team, Looking for a little more detail on the “Waveshare 5inch LCD 800x480, SKU: CE06729”.

I want to mount this in the front bay of my PC via HDMI to the graphics card (VGA as last option), as a Fourth display.
It’s a very tight fit, so I may need to make modifications to the HDMI, USB and switch orientations to get it mounted. Although the touch screen capability is not critical, it would be nice to make use of it :slight_smile: Ive looked pretty hard at the images and product description to work out what cables are used. It looks as though USB and HDMI are both required, but looking at the “Unit:mm” all I see is Audio, Touch, Display and VGA

My question: What cables are required to connect to a PC Graphics Card, and what size are the connectors on the board (USB A, B, C; HDMI/Mini/Micro) ?
This is just so I can work out if I can get away with a 90 deg adapter/s or if I need to alter the orientation of the connectors on the board (So I can order additional part accessories to make this work) :smiley:



That’s a great question!

This is a neat little LCD that uses a HDMI input to display the video signal (VGA can be used but it requires something like this cable).

For the touch capabilities, it is just a simple USB to micro USB cable (included with the screen).

So just to confirm, you will need 1x HDMI to HDMI cable (if you are just using a HDMI output from your graphics card) and 1x USB to Micro USB cable.

This product is aimed squarely at RPi users, and already contains the HDMI and USB cables necessary to connect to a RPi 2, 3, or 4. The HDMI connector is full/standard size. The touch/power connector is micro USB. The cables supplied with the display are fairly short, about 12inches or 30cm longs. These cables are all straight connectors, so if you need 90 degree connections, you’ll need to source them as well.

Note if you want to use the onboard audio amp and external speakers, I would recommend using a separate power supply, and not power the display via USB.

Follow the link from the product description, to the Waveshare wiki for the display.

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Hi, Thinks much for the extra help everyone :slight_smile:
I am going to need about 1M HDMI cable to get from the front PC drive bays back to the GPU outs…
And VGA is HDMI mini… Which I could end up having to use depending on how the following issue pans out.

  • 1) When the computer is connected to several different displays at the same time, only this LCD can be used to control the cursor on the main display, so we recommended to set this LCD as the main display.
    Not really sure what that ^ means, or if it is for touch but it will be display 4 (3rd display on GPU 2), Primary display is monitor 1 on GPU 1 ( I can’t can’t alter that display order ).

Ill get some adapters and cable and give it a shot and see how it goes :smiley:

P.S. Does anyone know what orientation the USB and HDMI connectors are ( Large or narrow side toward PCB) ?

Thank heaps

Hi Alex,

For that display, it’s narrow toward the PCB, I’ve put a picture for you below.

Have a great day!

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Thanks Bryce,

That gets me over the line :slight_smile: I Can order what I need and get this happening :stuck_out_tongue:

For others this will need the 270 Deg adapter to face the cable away from the back of the screen.

Finding USB “B” and HDMI Mini right angle adapters is like looking for ducks in the desert :frowning:

Hey Alex,

Yes, sometimes it absolutely can be. Especially with the difficulties in international shipping at the moment. If you’re looking for another option to be able to get the output with a smaller ribbon cable the part below should also work. Unfortunately, it’s on a lead time too but is another alternative to get that 270 Deg bend.

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Thanks Bryce, It took some serious searching but I managed to get the 270deg bends for HDMI, HDMI Mini and USB B mini.
Plus a couple of blank plug ends in case I have to solder up a couple of my own :slight_smile:

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Hey Alex,

Excellent, make sure to send through some pictures of the finished product! We’re very much looking forward to seeing what you put together. Have a great day! :smile:

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