Waveshare RP2040-Zero Dev Board (16 MB) (WS-25506)

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Waveshare RP2040-PiZero Development Board, Based On The Raspberry Pi RP2040 Dual-core Processor, 264KB SRAM and 16MB onboard Flash memory, compatible with…

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This looks very similar to a RPi Zero. Is there a Linux/Unix distribution for these boards?

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Hi Stephen,

This is a bit of a confusing product, as it’s shaped like a Pi Zero, but has an RP2040 on it, the same microcontroller featured on the Pi Pico. Microcontrollers lack the MMU needed to run linux well, those are present on Microprocessors.

If you have an application or project in mind, tell us about it and we can talk more about MCUs vs MPUs :slight_smile:


Interesting little board.
Waveshare web page shows C++, Micropython and Arduino IDE’s.
Pi Zero interface means it could be used with al the Zero hats; and with all the interfaces already on the board, pretty good. Have to keep this one in mind. Cheap enough with 16MB memory.
Probably easier to develop something than a Pi Zero.

Anyway, like it.