Waveshare SIM7600 M.2 to 4G/5G hat logic levels

Hi, I’ve played with this hat successfully connected simply to the USB port (to a W11 laptop) and using AT commands to generate phone calls, SMS and GPS information.

I now want to connect the hat to a Pi Pico using the Arduino IDE.

I understand the logic levels on the Pi Pico are 3.3V, so I need to know what the logic levels are for the UART Tx and RX on the hat and how to ensure that those pins have the UART Tx and Rx connected to them.

Also, a general question about the 4-pole DIP switch labelled PWR, RST, Rx and Tx: what exact function does it serve?

I can’t seem to find a document which covers all of this.


Welcome Andrew!

Both the Pi SBC and the Pico have 3.3V logic levels so they will work together. There is a pinout diagram for the HAT on the wiki, though if you connect the UART backward you wont cause lasting damage.

I had a look at the schematic and I don’t think it was featured, from the product pages description it seems to enable the Raspberry Pi header access to the UART, PWR and Reset. To connect via the header pins you’ll want to enable them.


Hi Andrew,

I think this is the Wiki link @Liam120347 meant to send.

The pin definitions are all there, it will be cool to see if you can get the HAT working with the Pico and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a Pico version of that module.


Hi Trent,

Hoping to get it going with the Pico but I’m now on holidays for a few weeks. I’ll let you know of success or otherwise. It’s a project that doesn’t need to be completed until late next year so I may be a while.

Cheers and thanks for your attention.


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