Waveshare SIM7600G-H-M2 4G HAT and Arduino

Has anyone had any success getting the WaveShare SIM7600G-H-M2 4G HAT to communicate to an Arduino via Serial? I have connected RX and Tx pins of Arduino to pins on GPIO

Rx > Tx (pin 8)
Tx > Rx (pin 6)
Gnd > Gnd (pin 4)

I have also flicked on the Dip switches for Serial comms (Rx & Tx) as per the Waveshare Wiki.

I am also not seeing 5V on pins 2 or 4 as I would expect. Am I missing something?

Power to the Hat via Usb-A and separate power to Arduino. Although I would ideally like to power Arduino from the Hat via 5V.

I am using this library: sim7600/sim7600/Arduino/Waveshare_SIM7600X_Arduino_Library at master · aryaggg/sim7600 · GitHub

In serial monitor I just see repeated AT commands.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


Hi Brett,

There isn’t a lot of documentation from Waveshare regarding using this module with an Arduino but it’s good to see you’ve found a library that claims to work.

Just to try and narrow down the cause of your issues could you try reading from the HAT using the procedure outlined in the Test section.

This should allow you to get the module tested with a computer before you try to tackle intergration with the Arduino board and an unofficial library and might reveal if there is a hardware fault with your HAT.


You said that you can see only repeated AT command. What should be the result according to the code that you’re using. In the library, there are some different examples. You did not mention which you have tried.