Weatherproof Neopixel daisychain


I purchased 4 LED Strips that I want to daisy chain.

The product is:
5M RGB LED Strip - WS2812B 30 Per Meter - White Strip - Weatherproof - SKU: CE04853

I have set them up inside and they work fine. I am going to hang them on the front of the house for Christmas decorations but I am a little concerned about the weatherproofing.

Where the strips connect together, it doesnt seem weather proof. There is about 10cm of wire with a plastic connector, and the + and Ground wires hanging (ready to inject more power if needed) How can I weatherproof this section? Or is it OK to hang up outside as is?


Excellent question Craig,

Can you send us a picture of what your connections look like at the moment? I’d say you should be able to get away with it as long as you cover the connections with clear nail polish or some tape, the silicon coating on the wires should be more than enough for the sun and rain for quite some time in my experience. But we’ll have to see what it looks like first.

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Hi Bryce,

Thanks for the reply. You can see the connections if you search this site for the product. I can’t get a photo right now.

A bit of silicone or some hot glue will do it. You can actually get heatshrink which is prefilled with hot glue to assist with waterproofing and strain relief.