Wireless adaptor for Wii remote/ Wii console for 8bitdo controllers

Hi All,

Not sure if this type of thing exists, but… I want to do is see if the retro-receiver (or other adaptor) can be plugged into the bottom of a Wii remote and then used as a wireless receiver for say an SFC30 controller?

If this type of thing doesn’t exist, is there a Gamecube port wireless adapter that I could possibly plug into the Wii itself or USB dongle of some sort?

I enjoy using controllers on my Wii, but the fact that I have a Wii mote hanging out the bottom of it is an annoyance.

Let me know!

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Hi Stef,

Welcome to the forum!!

I had a look through some online topics and couldn’t find much regarding the SFC30.
This Reddit post discusses the uses the new SN30 on a Wii without the use of a dongle to provide connectivity.

I also came across this Facebook post that they put up regarding the FC30 Pro and NES30 Pro controllers.

Most of the 8BitDo controllers work with a USB connection as well that you can plug straight into the Wii using the respective USB-C/micro connection to USB-A.

Keen to see how you go!