Working sketch for Uno R4 LED

Hi, I am a relative newbie with Arduino. I now have received two Arduino Uno R4, and try to experiment with them. First I found the sketch for the Tetris which I believe is pre-programmed into the board.
When I downloaded it and tried to run it, it complained about missing libraries:
"animation.h" (for another slketch)
I am unable to find these anywhere, and the “Arduino_LED_Matrix.h” I installed from Github does not work.
Question: Where can I get a sketch and valid libraries with it to get going, so that i will be able to experiment with the LED matrix.
The Arduino web site and forum did not answer this either.
Thanks, Klaus

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Hi Klaus,

Welcome to the forum!!

I dont have an R4 on me at the moment but it sounds like you’ll need to make sure you have the package installed for loading the program on and ensuring the libraries are there.

Arduino has a guide here for setting everything up:

I’ll do a test with my R4 to see if it works :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have followed the tutorial, but it does not contain a hint regarding obtaing the missing libs.
I have installed the Uno R4 boards, Rev 1.02. too.


Hi Klaus,

I was able to get the R4 working with the instructions above, with the board installed and selected it ought to pull from that install.

To get you back on track could you please answer the following:
Which version of the IDE are you using? (Help > About Arduino)
Which board do you have selected when uploading? (Make sure to select the updated R4 board or you will get the error)

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