Would an external HDD work with RetroPie

probably has been asked before, sorry about that.

will the retroPI kit work with an external HDD for more storage? if so, would it be better to get a smaller portable external HDD or a powered external HDD so its not putting too much strain on the USB port, or would it be better to just get a fairly big sized SD card and swap ROMs around when i want to play a certain games?

am new to this and curious to know, thanks in advance

Hi Zohan,

The best thing to do would be to setup RetroPie on a bigger uSD card, should you need the space. This isn’t typical, as ROMs are often very small.

If you want to though, there is an official guide here:

some of the games ill be playing are fairly big, 1GB-5GB big

Nice, with the above guide you are all set to go then!

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