12V Round Automotive Switch

Hi Guys,

I am looking to purchase a 12 volt switch to suit a car dash - the existing switch (attached) is faulty.

The switch needs to be secured with a round, threaded section. The thread needs to be approximate 12mm to fit in an existing hole. On the existing switch I have the threaded section is 28mm long - it needs to be around this long to stick through the dash otherwise the spade connectors will clash with the cut-out.

I’m not fussed if it is a push button or switch activated. I would like an LED light to confirm the switch is on.

Can you recommend any suitable products?



Hi Conor,

I don’t think we have anything like that in our range :frowning:

I’ve found that the best place to look for super-specific parts like this are the larger retailers like Digikey, Mouser, Element14 and RS Components. All of those guys have parametric search that allows you to really narrow down on the specs you care about (for instance hole size when panel mounting, or on-off operation as opposed to momentary). For example:

Got me close-ish to

Give their searches a go, and good luck with your project!

Hi Connor.
Would need a bit more detail than that. Is the existing switch push on / push off or momentary. That is do you push for on and push again for off or does it only come on while being pushed. Current rating. By the look of the spade terminals it could be pretty solid. Looks like only 2 spade terminals so would guess at being SPST (single pole, single throw) type.

LED indicator??? It doesn’t look like the old switch caters for this or it would have some more contacts. The indicator LED is usually operated with an extra switch inside the housing and contacts brought out to facilitate different configurations. If the existing switch does cater for indicator light then this switch might be a special purpose one and would need a direct replacement. If the LED indicator is an add on to look nice or impressive this addition could get messy in a car and would entail hacking into wiring which I think would be a bit difficult to attack remotely. That is trying to describe what to do via a forum when the car make and model is at the moment unknown. Even then one would have to be familiar with it.

Just had a look and Jaycar have a switch rated 3A @ 240V but the thread is only 8mm. That requirement for 28mm could be a game changer.
Cheers Bob

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