18mm GPIO Male Headers

Hi everybody,

I’m hoping I could get some help here as I am in need of a part that I simply cant find anywhere online.
I’m following a guide to upgrade my Prusa MK3s+ 3D printer with Prusa link/connect. But to connect the board to the printer I need 18mm long GPIO male headers (longer than usual).
Please see the guide I’m following and more specifically setps 5&6.
(PrusaLink and Prusa Connect setup for MK3/S/+ | Prusa Knowledge Base)

Does anyone know of a way I can find these headers?
I’d like to kepp to the specific instructuons but alternative advice could be helpful.


Hi Matthew
Try Core part No PRT-10158.
Cheers Bob

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Hey Matthew,
Welcome to the forums!

Bob has a great suggestion there, those headers should be perfect for your application!