3D Print new part using solidworks and the Lulzbot machine

Hey guys, thanks for the info today Graham, it was very helpful, I have a prototype tail light surround I have drawn in Solidworks, I am very interested in purchasing a Lulbots machine in the near future, but I am unsure of the process, is it possible for me to send you the Solidworks file as an STL, and you print it for me in dark grey ABS?

Hi Graeme, thanks for your message! Sure, please attach your STL here and we’ll preview it before going ahead.

thanks for the reply, I am unsure how to attach here?

No worries! Just upload it via the upload button. Might need to zip it first if you get a file type not supported error.

do you mind if I send you the file via email, It wont let me do it because of the security on my pc

ok, we’ll send you a preview of it afterwards here in the forum. techsupport@core-electronics.com.au

awesome sounds good will send it now


Looks like it’s best to flip the project as there is a notable overhang the way it was designed (which is fine). Below is a snapshot of the preview, can you confirm what that angle those edges are?

PS - I have added STL to the allowable file types, sorry for any hassles during upload earlier today!

ok, cool, the angle is 135 degrees,

that is from the flat surface on the top running down each side

Thanks! 45 degrees is generally the max (which this is, 135-90=45). Ideally, 40 or less works better (from the vertical, aka, a more upright angle). At 45 degrees, think of each layer only having “half as much” layer to adhere to compared to printing directly upwards. It usually works out.

The print is in work, here is a screenshot via our remote OctoPi:

Hi Graeme,

It has been done on “standard quality” print settings (0.22mm/layer, 1.1mm wall thickness, 20% infill). With that said, the first layer is 0.425mm + 125% layer width to ensure adhesion on the heatbed. This produces a small ridge around the first layer that you may way to sand off, or not.

that is so awesome, thanks you so much, I am flying to Melb from Newcastle this weekend and land back in Newcastle on Monday, I will come and visit you guys and have a look at the lulzbot’s

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Hey guys, if you want to see what these tail lights are for type in SHQRP to google and have a squiz

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Hey Graeme, just taking a look now. Looks great! I’m glad we were able to contribute.