2-Pin Female JST PH-Style Cable (14cm) (POLOLU-1116)

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This 5.5" (14cm) cable has two 26AWG conductors with a 2mm-pitch 2-pin female JST PH-style connector. The other ends of the wires are unterminated; they can be cut to length to match your application. The red and black wires are twisted together to reduce noise.

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Good quality lead - suits the output socket in my SkyRC quattro charger. Though watch out, they use the reverse polarity… but is very easy to switch the red and black cables in the header using a sharp knife to release the clip.


Hey Scott, I’m glad to hear that you were able to make the product suit your needs! Thanks for letting us know how you worked it out. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 40mm brushless fan which cable ends like that so I need a 2-Pin Male JST PH-Style cable but can’t find one on your website…

A good option might be to purchase our JST kit which contains the connectors you’re after and then you can use whatever gauge cable suits best to make up your own cables.