3 in 1 Camera Lens set issue

I have recently purchased the “3 in 1 Camera Lens Set” (https://core-electronics.com.au/3-in-1-camera-lens-set.html) for the wide-angle lens to put on my Raspberry Pi camera, but I haven’t been able to attache the wide-angle lens to the clip.

Of the 3 lenses in the pack:

  • the macro lens has the correct thread to screw into the clip
  • the fisheye lens has a thread that is too large to screw into the clip, which is okay, because it screws into the macro lens which screws into the clip.
  • the wide-angle lens has yet another thread which is smaller than that on either of the other lenses and doesn’t appear to screw into anything in the pack.

Am I missing something? Or do I have a faulty set?

If there is somebody who has this set, could they let me know how the wide-angle lens connects to the clip?


Both the macro lens and the wide angle lens are meant to screw onto the clip. If they don’t something is wrong.

Check the tutorial if you haven’t already.


Hi Sandy.

Thanks for your response. The link that you’ve supplied seems to be for a different set to the one that I purchased. The pictures on your link appear to have metal rims on macro & fisheye lenses, whereas the ones in the picture on my link (and the ones I received) are plastic.

That being said. I suspect that you’re right & that the wide-angle lens is supposed to screw directly into the clip. Have you actually purchased the https://core-electronics.com.au/3-in-1-camera-lens-set.html set, or are you assuming that it works in the same way as the one you’ve linked to?

Just wanting clarification. Nobody at Core Electronics can tell me whether the wide-angle lens is supposed to screw directly into the clip, or if there’s some other way of attaching it, that I’ve just missed.

Thanks again for your response.


Follow the links from the product description and the document posted above is where you wind up. The wide angle lens IS supposed to screw into the clip.

Thanks Robin.

I only queried because the picture on the link looks quite a lot different to the product I received.

It looks like Core Electronics have also concluded that the wide-angle is meant to screw into the clip. They are sending me a replacement.

Thanks again for your response.