8000k USB Camera

I wish to purchase the 8000k USB camera, as well as the night camera, and want a wide angle lens of about 120 degrees. I’m unsure of the lens to buy as I don’t know which ones will fit. Can anyone help with what specifications fit these cameras?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Craig,

Sorry we missed your message! We’ll have a dig and get back to you shortly.

Hey Craig,

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Interesting question, you must be talking about the FIT0279 and FIT0730?

How do you intend to connect your lens? Have you got some custom housing to fit in front of the camera or will you be replacing a camera in a pre-existing setup with this one?

I was under the impression that the lens screw in and out, and be replaced with wide angle lenses if needed.

This is the type of product I was thinking of attaching to these modules and it looks like it just screws in.

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Hi Bryce,

Still waiting an answer to see if they screw in or not.

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Hi Craig,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I haven’t been in the office too much recently. Not on those particular cameras, unfortunately, the lens that you’ve linked is only designed for the OpenMV board. That being said, there’s a kit that has a clip to hold a lens in place over your camera that you may be able to use. I’ve linked it below for you.

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