Service - 3D Printing - Small Model <200gm (SERVICE-3D-200)

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how can i check that my 3D design will print as intended?

Hey Lewis,

As long as the print doesn’t have major overhangs or cavities which contain overhangs most prints are generally suitable as we’ve tuned the settings to be optimised for the printers that we use and perform quality checking on our products. There’s actually sites online where you can ensure that there’s no internally overlapping bodies in STL files. The general rule of thumb is no major overhangs or awkward cavities and fulfil the supplied restrictions on printing they’ll be successful.

All the best with your projects!

Core Electronics | Support

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Just to add to this, we use LulzBot Cura (free download) and if you add a “TAZ 6” as the machine then you’ll be able to preview the design. However, Bryce’s feedback is spot-on as the slicer preview often doesn’t take into account the real-world limitations of additive manufacturing.

If there are overhangs, then that’s fine as we’ll enable support material. Keep in mind that the service we provide does not include the removal of support material, post-manufacture.

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Hi do you combine postage for multiple parts ordered at the same time with this service?

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If the design meets the requirements listed on the page, then we’ll send whatever is printed in 1-package.

We don’t yet have a method to combine multiple servies into one shipment. It’s 1 website order per service.

I hope that info helps!

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Hi - regarding selecting the right printer ie “TAZ 6” when installed Lulzbot Cura software, what Tool Head / Nozzle Diameter should be selected?

The default is fine; 0.5mm

What’s the minimum depth for a slot (which would have to be vertical, obviously). In other words,what is the print accuracy?



We print using the standard profile in Cura LulzBot Edition, which has a layer height of 0.25mm (Z-axis). X and Y axis is much more precise (better than 0.1mm), though limited in sharp corners to the nozzle diameter (0.5mm).