3D printing, PCB design and other neat maker projects

Howdy Makers,

Just thought I’d share a few projects that are nearing completion TM.

Home Monitoring mainboards

In a previous topic, I was trying to create a ‘do it all’ LED controller - due to inexperience I didn’t get a working design at the end of the 14-day period.

I’ve since circled back and created a 'main board. that a shield-style daughter boards could live on top of to control the LEDs efficiently and easily, along with a range of other specialised boards.
…Still trying to find time to circle back and get the HAT’s done

Pico W projects

An easy to setup RBG LED controller for addressable strips.

The code running on the Pico presents you with an HTML5 colour selection box, allowing you to run it on any device (and easily change colours)

An MQTT - HA sensor with PiicoDev sensors

At the moment it’s just sending all of the temperature and humidity data to the HA MQTT server and logging it - a great alternative to other cloud-hosted smart home systems
With the range of sensors a ton of different data could be extracted
Alongside this I’m looking to make a dedicated ESP-NOW to MQTT gateway HAT and a range of other neato interfaces

Modular headboard

I’m not the biggest fan of a bedside tables, so I wanted to mount whatever I wanted to my bedhead directly (Phone charger, Lights to read, Projector?)
Solution Whip up a pinboard style backboard that lets you add whatever you want


Hi Liam,

First time I’ve seen a projector mounted to a headboard but I can see the advantage of watching movies in bed. Keen to see how the reading light and phone charger versions play out.