3d Printing small lettering?


Has anyone tried 3 d Printing a small acrylic panel, say 150mm square ,with a few holes drilled in it , coloured grey or black and engraved lettering 3-4 mm high. I am looking at printing a switch panel for my flight simulator.

I don’t own a printer , but would like to know before buying. I haven’t been able to find anything on the net.


Hey Chris,
At the dimensions you’re talking about lettering is definitely possible. The only caveat to that being that the size of the font will need to be at least 0.5mm wide if printed flat down to the print bed.

Let me know if you need anything else Chris.

Hi Aidan,

Ok 0.5mm flat on the surface. What about engraved into the panel (concave)?


Hey Chris,
If you were engraving the letters you could have finer lettering and it would still be readable.