Looking for print this self watering pot

I am getting to 3d printing and made this self watering pot in 200 x 135 mm. I am not sure my design is printable (I think it is okay as it is starting off with a flat base), so wondering if I can print it in a smaller size, 50mm in diameter, then in its full scale.

Here it is the snapshot.


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Hi Allison,

This is something @Aidan might be able to help with. In between, can you share an STL file for the model?

No problem. Here are two files - one is the base and other the pot.

pot 194mm.stl (369.9 KB)

pot base 200mm.stl (98.1 KB)

Thanks Allison,
It looks possible, although, due to the size you would need to use a large-form factor 3D printer. Here’s what the first model looks like on the 3D Printer bed. It would take ~19 Hours and won’t require any support material:

The second part from above can also be printed, although it will require some support material. Here’s an image of it sliced (note that the light blue material is removable support material):

All up you would be looking at ~2 days of 3D Printing time, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you don’t have a printer big or reliable enough for 2 days of printing, we can 3D print your models for you. Take a look at our 3D Printing Service.

Yes, I’d like to get it printed, so can I get the quote? Just a bit about support material. If I make the foot wider or in a cone shape (gradually narrowing down from the upper base, please refer to the sketch), can it be printed out without support material or less support?


Hey Allison,
The link I sent is a flat amount for the whole part to be printed. Supports are generated at angles of 45 degrees or less from the bottom of the model. So as long as the cone isn’t too steep, it shouldn’t be an issue. Upload the file here to be sure.

I placed my order without any modification. Hope you can match the order (self watering pot) with my email address.



Order received Allison, thanks!

Got the pot with an overwhelming care of bubble wraps (I will re-use it well ^^). Pretty good. Many thanks.


Sensational Allison, I hope it works as expected for you.