7" HDMI Display with a Audio Streamer Build

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Lets try this -
7 inch HDMI Display with Capacitve Touchscreen SKU: DFR0506 (V1.0)
Brand: DFRobot

My enquirey is about the comparison between the 2 Versions of this
LCD Board (V1.0) and (V2.0) Same SKU from the suppliers website.

DFRobot 7’ Touch Screen (SKU: DFR0506 ) V2.0)

I’m wanting to build a Audio Streamer with RPi with a 7 inch touchscreen.
Thinking the LCD will have all 4 sides as close as possible to the screens Edges.

The Version (V1.0) Model has no pretuding tabs. And this Unit’s size is bigger than the Version (V2.0)
Reference - DFRobot Screen Overview Picture - Micro USB connector.

Both units are great.
I am after in particular - SKU: DFR0506 (V1.0) - HDMI Bottom & USB at the Side. To be flush with the housing (Frame).

DFR0506 (V1.0) * Dimensions: 183mm x 100mm/ 7.2" x 3.93"

DFR0506 (V2.0) * Dimensions: 165mm x 100mm/ 6.50" x 3.94" (per Diagram)

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Hopefully both versions are available to buy.




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I can see there’s been a lot of revision changes to the bevel on this product as our photos are for V1.0 but I’ve just grabbed one off the shelf and it’s marked V4.0.
I’ve attached some quick photos below so you can see the changes to the bevel design.

Measuring the outermost bevel edge this one is 175mm x 112mm and the display itself is 165mm x 100mm like all the previous versions.

I’ll make a note to get some new product photos and have our product page updated.

Since we receive all revisions of this product under the same part number I’d expect all units to be at least V4.0 going forward.


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