7" Touch screen and windows 10

HI I just received a 7" HDMI touchscreen. It appears to not be working with WIN10. The screen itself is recognised but the touchscreen isn’t. In the Device Manager it claims unknown USB device and there is also no HID compliant TS device listed. …are drivers required for this unit to work with windows 10?

Hi Darren,

Are you referring to DFR0506? In order for the touchscreen to work properly on most devices of this type the screen resolution on your computer must be configured to exactly match the resolution of the display.
Typically a Windows machine will do this automatically, but its worth checking.

This product should work with no drivers. Try a different USB cord. Some USB cords are made for charging only and do not have the data wires in them. This would allow the screen to work but the touchscreen would not work.

If that fails to fix your issue then try different ports on your computer. USB 2.0 and 3.0, and with or without a USB hub.

Let me know how it goes!

Hi Stephen,

Problem solved thank you…It was the USB cable, swapped it out and now it works great. :+1:

I would have never thought to have tried that as it was a brand new and apparently “good branded” cable.

Thanks heaps for the suggestions…they did the trick☺

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Hi Darren,

Glad you got it working! It’s surprising how often a simple cable will be the problem, and its always the last thing I think to check! :sweat_smile: