Raspberry Pi Wide Angle Camera Module (CE07137)

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Raspberry Pi Wide Angle Camera Module is a low-cost Fisheye Lens, wider Field View,Camera module, designed for Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Camera, supports … read more

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Hi, I’m after a RPI camera for FPV applications. Need wide FOV, small and light. Your camera SKU: CE07137 looks good but I purchased an identical looking one on Bangood and it is rubbish and just want to check the image quality on this one is OK?

Also, do you sell the Arducam 12MP IMX477 which looks like exactly what I want.



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Hi Oliver,

Unfortunately we don’t stock any ArduCam products at this stage.

Another option to consider would be the RPi HQ Camera (same sensor as the arducam) with it’s Wide Angle Lens, It’s capable of capturing 1080p30 or 720p60 or 480p90.


Does this camera include an IR blocking filter so it will produce good images in full sunlight?

The Wide Angle Camera Module does not appear to include an IR filter.

The Raspberry Pi HQ camera that James linked to does include an integrated IR filter.
The full documentation of the camera is available here:

The IR characteristics I’ve highlighted below.