A real-life Captain America Shield

Ever wanted to make something from fiction become real? I mean, go above and beyond to make a functioning replica of your favorite superhero gadget? Well, YouTuber, Engineer and all-around inventor, the Hacksmith, took that feeling to the next level with his video series titled Make it Real. All of the projects these guys make are any self-respecting geeks dream, one project that caught my eye was the Captain America Shield.

After altering a leg-guard to protect his arm from the inevitable pain of having a shield smacking into it repeatedly, they went about attaching 2 decent sized industrial Electromagnets to it. Then added a small 50A power switch and some hefty lithium batteries.  Apparently, running these magnets at 72V allowed them to pull a whopping 700kg... per magnet! Flicking an aluminium shield around like Captain America is now a reality. You can see this awesome project in action below.


You can check out the Hacksmith and more of his awesome projects on his blog.

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