Adafruit 16x9 Charlieplexed PWM LED Matrix Driver - IS31FL3731 (ADA2946)

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The IS31FL3731 will let you get back to that classic LED matrix look, with a nice upgrade! This I2C LED driver chip has the ability to PWM each individual LED in … read more

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Can you use 2 LED Charlieplexed Matrixs with 1 Driver or do you need to buy a driver for each?

You need a separate driver for each LED matrix. Up to 4 driver modules can be connected to an I2C bus, by shorting the address pin for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th driver.

Power will probably be a problem trying to drive that many LEDs, so make sure you look into that before you start, so you don’t damage your microcontroller.

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Thanks Robin!

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