Adafruit TSL2591 High Dynamic Range Digital Light Sensor - STEMMA QT (ADA1980)

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When the future is dazzlingly-bright, this ultra-high-range luminosity sensor will help you measure it. The TSL2591 luminosity sensor is an advanced digital light sensor, ideal for use in a wide range of light situations

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what are the plugs on the TSL2591 called and what do they do in addition to do I need to get an adaptor for them

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They provide an alternative means of connecting the I2C bus and power.
" It’s recommended to use one of the Qwiic adapters with these boards, here’s the link to the appropriate male jumper and female jumper Qwiic adapters."
You can use the connectors or you can wire to the solder points - they are the same.


Hi Andre,

Those are Stemma QT connectors. Stemma QT is Adafruit’s name for their I2C connection standard that uses JST-SH connectors. It is mostly cross compatible with our own PiicoDev connectors and Sparkfun’s Qwiic connectors.

All three of these systems are slightly different (eg. allowable voltage levels), but use JST-SH connectors and have matching pinouts, so you can generally use them interchangeably if you’re aware of the differences.

Stemma QT is 3.3V or 5V tolerant, with level shifters on every device. PiicoDev and Qwiic are 3.3V only, which saves significantly on cost allowing you to only pay for level shifting hardware when you need it.

Other similar systems you may see (that use different connectors) are DFRobot’s Gravity system, Seeed Studio’s Grove system, and Pimoroni’s Breakout Garden.