Adeept Arduino tutorial, lesson 2 - buzzer. Does not work

I bought the Adeept Ultimate kit For Arduino UNO and am at lesson 2 (Active buzzer) in the supplied tutorial.
Wiring as per the instructions, it does not work. I have copied someone else’s unanswered question on this for ease. I would really like to know why this won’t work.

Newbie here. I purchased the Adeept Ultimate Arduino Kit and I’m following the tutorial howver I’ve struck a problem with lesson 2 - active buzzer . It doesn’t work properly . This is the scematic:

I’ve totally rebuilt this a dozen times and even bought extra parts to swap out in case components were faulty.The result are contant, the buzzer clicks but emits no audio. However the buzzer tested as a stand alone works just fine. Here’s the rub:

  • If I wire it exactly as described, then apply power OR upload the sketch, it only clicks - always.
  • If I then remove the 5v power jumper wire from the breadboard and reinsert it, it will only click OR buzz for a second then begin clicking.
  • If I do exactly as above but keep inserting and removing the power, it will eventually work for a few seconds and then start clicking again.

Note I have tried different leads, different components and combinations of (including a different Uno), different breadboards - the results are constant. Any ideas please?

Your image appears to be nothing but black when I try to load it.

Are you sure you’re using an active buzzer and not a passive buzzer? The active buzzer can be tested without a controller by connecting power to the + and - pins, and then use a jumper to connect the enable pin to to the + supply. If it buzzes then it is an active buzzer. If it just clicks, then it is probably a passive buzzer. A passive buzzer requires the enable pin pulsed at the required frequency to produce sound. If it does nothing, it may be dead.

Hope this helps.

Yes I’m using the correct buzzer. Others have complaned here about the exact same issue.

I can’t see the schematic either.

On face value, it sounds like the buzzer is being underdriven. “Adeept” is also on the lowest end of quality control from my experience. If part substitution is the problem then the only way to tell would be to get the part number of the buzzer and check the datasheet.

All guesses. Good luck!!