Advice on Components and Supplies to Build Binary Calculator

Am hoping to build a binary calculator (student project) using a microcontroller (Arduino Nano or similar), buttons, display and LEDs. The system must have a

  1. USB-mini socket through which it can be powered.

  2. Use an LCD display with 2 rows of 16 characters, each. Top row for displaying the binary number, bottom display for displaying equivalent decimal number

It needs input buttons for:

  1. Enter “1”

  2. Enter “0”

  3. Enter “.” (decimal point)

  4. Negate (2’s complement)

  5. Clear

I lastly need to make a PCB and solder my project, instead of using a proto-board (if possible - not vital)

Am an absolute novice. Was hoping to get advice with regards to components and supplies required to complete the project.

Thank you

Hi Alidan,

I would reccommend something like this:

and an Arduino Uno:

This wouldn’t require any soldering or custom PCB. It is larger than an Arduino Nano, but it interfaces directly with the LCD. We do offer a PCB milling service if you do decide to mill a PCB. I recommend using Eagle to design your board:

Let me know if you need some further direction!

Many thanks - much appreciated.

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