AESUB Blue - Disappearing Scanning Spray (CE07447)

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AESUB Blue is a vanishing 3D scanning spray developed and approved by scanning experts. AESUB Blue provides an ideal surface for 3D scanning and completely sublimes within a few hours from the surface of your part – no cleaning required.

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Tried this on a electric motor with creality lizard but it made the motor totally invisible to the scanner. Any ideas or could it not be compatible?

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Hi Igor,

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I haven’t used the Creality Lizard before so I’m not sure what it is best at detecting.
This disappearing spray is usually used to temporarily apply a matte white finish to an object that might be glossy, chrome, or otherwise have a finish that is hard for a scanner to detect.

I can see the Lizard boasts it has good performance when detecting black objects or operating in bright light so that might indicate it has been optimised to detect grey and black objects better than white or light-coloured objects.

I’d recommend trying the same object again with a temporarily dark matte finish applied (perhaps dust it in charcoal or something similar) and see if the same object is detected.