Alcohol Inks to Colourise Resin Prints - Three Different Methods

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Alcohol Inks and Transparent Resin Prints go together incredibly well! Simply by dabbing on just a few drops of ink onto the printed models with a paintbrush you can create incredibly bright and vibrant models which still retain some transparency. You can also put drops of the alcohol ink and Pearl Ex Powder directly into the resin tank and print like that. I put to the test three different methods and compare each of them. So come unlock all the colours for your resin printer in my most recent video!

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I glad you did this project, as I think the pearl ex mix will be just the thing for a magic portal that I want to print.
I am new to 3D printing & I haven’t had chance to use my Creality Clear resin yet. If you could share your exposure settings, it would be appreciated.


Sure thing mate :slight_smile: on the Creality LD-002R LCD Printer I use 7 seconds per layer and 50 seconds for the first layers.

When I start adding colour and pearl ex powder I crank up both values, 10.5 seconds per layer and 60
seconds for first layers is what I used for this.

Hope that helps, would love to see how your magicial portal turns out!